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Batumi City – the capital of the autonomous republic of Adjara is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. It was once the old colony of the Roman port.

History – Batumi was attacked by the Ottomans, the Georgian kings protected him. The city has significantly increased in the Russian empire and is now the main naval port and a unique holiday destination of Georgia.

Batumi is delighted day by day and the city has developed very intensively during the last few years. Batumi is trying to keep up with modernity and retain its history. The archives were reconstructed and reconstructed in the 19th-century buildings. The result of the rudest work is the most beautiful slogans with beautiful balconies and razing, quiet paved streets and bottled facades. Around the sea is a nice smell of soy, boiled coffee, and citrus fruits. Martvili canyon


Batumi has a highly developed tourist infrastructure, which makes it even more attractive to foreign guests. The modern Batumi fashionable hotels “Sheraton”, “Radisson” and “Hilton” range from far away to their original design, the Georgian government has attracted the construction magnets from all over the world for the development of the hotel industry.

Tourists can enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine in restaurants and cafes, like mushrooms. There are many fashion boutiques in the city as well as plastic surgery clinics. There are many sights in Batumi, among them the longest boulevard in the world. In the Batumi City, there are many entertainment facilities for tourists here. You can hire bicycles and walk-in boulevard, browse the beach and sightseeing.

  • Boulevard is located “devil’s wheel”, Georgian writings and cultural monuments – alphabet tower, other interesting monuments. The hospitable and hospitable people of Batumi are always ready to help you. In the boulevard you will see many monuments created on this topic. The most famous among them is a man who is faced with a woman who gives her a red heart.

  • In the city, there is a daily marriage house, where you can marry at any time of the day. Come to Batumi and enjoy its beauty

  • The main city of Adjara – Batumi In 2012, the Academy of Sciences of the United States named the best tourist destination of the year, Forbes has brought in the top five of the best vacation resorts in the “Velvet Season”.

  • That does not mean that Batumi should only visit “Velvet Season”. At any time of the year, you can leave for business or just relax, as Batumi is always ready to take advantage of you. It can host the highest level of international meetings and be happy to be a “family”.


I would like to tell you that Batumi is the preferred city in all weather. Rainy Batumi is a separate romance – molded umbrellas and cheerful people – poured in the streets, sandwiched with sand on the sand that comes out of cozy cafes. Before this cafe you have a colorful color, many romances and findings in Batumi have been taken as a tradition for guests of this city.

Find the historic house in Porga, in Old Batumi, on Gorgasali Street, whose saloon is a salute in the brick. This statue is considered as a symbol of Batumi and is so popular that some of its modern modifications can be found at the main entrance of the boulevard. Alice and Nino’s sculpture will definitely be seen – an unusual event featuring in the metallic, which awakens wonderful emotions.


So start and be sure you do not see it. Batumi is one of the best modern and modern centers of modern Georgia, with its old and new architecture, ancient port, European squares, high-class hotels, and many other sights. Before you can easily come. Travel to Batumi is easy to travel as air and land as well as maritime transport from both Europe and Asia.

With the conference hall, where international level conferences are held, Batumi offers a variety of entertainment: Aqua Park, Horse Club, Panorama Wheel, Marine Walk, Flyboard, Diving Center, Paraplan, Skiing, Cinemas, Casinos. Here you can attend classical music and jazz annual international festivals, which have already rocked many world-class stars.


If you fall in autumn in Batumi, you will be able to see two big events – “Batumi” and Village Tourism Festival “Ghataganga”. Outdoor festivals, concerts, theatrical sights, and exhibitions are held on these holidays. “Gadagana” on the Era Square, specially decorated decorations, the villages of Adjara, will have the amazing scent of ripe fruit, dishes, wines, and nuts. You can buy them and take part in culinary master classes, which is a truly unforgettable experience.

Batumi will also open the doors of theater and exhibition halls in front of you. Spaces where you can walk and think about past, present, and future. Batumi is one of the great Batumi yards with its energy, yard which is happy!

This is the city of Batumi, which is always the best memoir


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