Five Weird Places In The World Where People Are Not Allowed

5 Places Where People Are Not Allowed - Stuffshuf
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Are you passionate about travelling and want to visit some magnificent places then we are here to introduce you to some of them. This might surprise you, that there are a number of places in the world that are beautiful but weird. And if you are an avid traveller and have bank-full of notes, then this list of Five Weird Places In The World surely should not be on your travel list.

You must be wondering as for why we are asking not to keep such places on your list is because; no one can visit the places that we are going to talk about. Yes, even if you are a VVIP, then also you cannot come here.

So, without wasting any time, let us talk start disclosing Five Weird Places of The World that you cannot visit.

Snake Island Brazil - Stuffshuf
Snake Island Brazil – Stuffshuf

Snake Island:

  • This place is situated 33 km away from the capital of Brazil. Actually, this is a small island and very beautiful art of nature. But the reasons why you cannot visit are snakes.
  • The complete island is covered with dangerous and deadly snakes. There are about 4000 snakes. Even the most dangerous snakes are found here.
  • The government has constructed a lighthouse to give way to the regular boats, and the maintenance was given to a small family. But after some time the family was found dead, and since then the island was called-off for any use and was completely automated.
Vatican Secret Archives - Stuffshuf
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Vatican Secret Archive:

  • This is a traditional site of Vatican City – it is a library where significant documents of the church and history are placed. It is also said that there is a secret museum near the church of Vatican City, but people are not allowed to enter.
  • The reason given by the Pope to keep the archive hidden and secret was to preserve the documents as it had historic importance.
  • During those times, it was believed that common people should not be allowed to go through the ancient documents and transcripts which were exchanged between the pope and the king.
  • This is the main reason as for why the archives were kept secret under the lock. Later in the year 1881, some researchers were allowed to view the archive but later then it has been 200 years, no one has been further certified to check the content of the achieves.
What Is About Lascaux Cave
What Is About Lascaux Cave

The Lascaux Cave:

  • This cave was found in the year 1940 by a small kid. The unique thing about the cave is that here many pictures of animals are designed and they are really very old. Though the government has opened the cave for the tourist after some time that is in the year 1963 the same was closed.
  • The government said the pictures of the cave are being harmed due to the rush. It is one the surprising among the Five Weird Places In The World.
Mount Weather Emergency Operation Center - Stuffshuf
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Mount Weather Emergency Operation Center:

  • This is the civilian command center of America. This place is used to safeguard the supreme officials of the country from any calamity. It is said that this place is capable of meeting any destruction and has every possible facility too along with radio center as well.
Coca-Cola Vault Where Is The secret Recipe Formula Kept - Stuffshuf
Coca-Cola Vault Where Is The secret Recipe Formula Kept – Stuffshuf

Coca-cola Recipe Treasure:

  • As we all know that the recipe of the coca cola is still unknown and is stored in the bank of Atlanta from past 125 years. The tourists are allowed to enter the treasure but will not be further allowed to reach the recipe too.
  • This rule is not only for the tourists but even the CEO and other important dignitaries are also not allowed to reach the Coca Cola formula.
  • It is said that only two executives are aware of the recipe but there credentials are still not known. Even they are also not sanctioned to fly together as well in one plane with a view to protect the recipe from being disclosed.

These were the Five Weird Places In The World that no one can reach. So what are your thought on the same.



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