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Ready to fly your car in the sky? If yes then, here we have something unexpected and mindboggling for you. Aeromobil Flying Car is all set up to launch its new invention which is getting famous in the name of the flying car. The time has come when we can get our vehicles flying high on the sky, and Aeromobil is the example of the same. Let us get started with the detailed analysis of the car.

The first and foremost question that you would be willing to ask must be about the functioning of the car right?

This car can be driven on the road and can also fly in the air too. The concept is really amazing. Though it is a flying car but it doesn’t mean that its landing and take-off will be tricky or it will need space like an airport. The car will merely require a grass strip or any paved surface for the regular landing or take-off.

Further, the car has passed all the testing and trails. Along with this, it has received certifications as per the aeroplane regulatory requirements and other European certifications too.

  • Design:

    Shape of the car is eye-pleasing as it has wings, retractable gear. A lot has been worked with regard to the safety, but it does mean there is any compromise on the design aspect. The car is an utter aerodynamic piece. The design is, and at the same time, the structural carbon and excellent quality of the leather are used to offer durability.

  • Control:

    Next comes the control features of the car. Here the driver needs to worry about taking the car for a ride or even for flying as the control systems are easily recognizable and effortless to use too. Everything is similar to the aviation atmosphere, and the data will be displayed on the front screen. It will be ready to reach the fly mode in just 3 minutes.

  • Safety:

    Safety is the prime thing that has been considered here. It has a pyrotechnic seatbelt, dual stage airbags, autopilot and ballistic parachutes along with resistant systems.

  • Comfort:

    The seats are designed comfortably keeping in mind the equivalent weight distribution for both the pilot and co-pilot. There will be no space or inconvenience at all. As the weight of the car is only 960kgs. With this only one can understand how well the car is structured and designed.

  • Power & Speed:

    The Aeromobil is equipped with four cylinders, electric front wheel of 165/65/R15 on the 15jx6 rim, and adaptive transmission. The power plant used weighs 110kgs. While driving on the road, the automatic power will be 80kw with twin motors, and while flying in the sky, the aerospace power will be 224kw with the turbocharger. The car can take the speed of 160kmph in just 10 seconds on the road and in the air it will go360kmph.

  • Price:

    The price of the Aeromobil is 1.6million dollars. It further depends on the chosen specifications as well.

  • Launch:

    The expected launch is to come in the year 2020.

There is no doubt that Aeromobil Flying Car is a wonderful invention today. If you are interested in buying this car then you need to go for the pre-order. Here you need to decide the version you are looking for like Aeromobil 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0. Reaching the sky in just three minutes is really commendable. So keep your fingers crossed and get ready for your new Aeromobil Flying Car.




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