How To Care Your Hands And Nails

How To Care Your Hands And Nails | Stuffshuf
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We all are so busy in our daily life that We hardly spend any time taking care our  Hands & Nails. This later result in dry and flaky hands and at the same time the nail also gets damages badly.  So to prevent you from such embarrassment we have listed some good tips that you can apply to Care Your Hands & Nails.

  • Do Not Use Much Hot Water – Avoid extra or less exposure to hot water or it will result in removing all the extra moisture of your hand and nails. As a result of which the nails and hands get dry giving an unpleasant look.
  • Use Creams Or Lotions

    As women are involved in lots of household activity and as a result of which their hands are in continuous contact with water resulting in the dry and flaky skin. To avoid this use lotions or creams as many times as possible and especially before sleeping so your hands and nails get enough time to heal. Try this to take Care Your Hands And Nails

  • Care Your Cuticles

    Make it a routine to massage the cuticles often. As it is the bond that can keep your nails stronger and shinier. But don’t overdo this act of cleaning and caring of cuticles to avoid damage.

  • Do Not Trim Your Cuticles

    Instead of trimming or cutting the cuticles try to push it back to place calmly and gently. By doing this you will be able to protect your nails from getting any sort of infection and trouble. It is the best way to care your hands and nails.

  • Use Sunscreen Lotions

    Whenever you out in the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotions. It is not only the face that you need to protect but at the same time hands and nails are required to be covered with a good SPF as a defence.

  • Manicures

    If you are not getting enough time to take Care your hands and nails then make sure to take an appointment in a saloon either within 2 weeks or even monthly. With proper saloon treatment your nails and hands will get revived and along with that, you will also feel healthy.

Now here we are mentioning some of the methods by which you can Take Care Your Hands & Nails.

  • Congregate all the things that are required to clean the hands and nails.
  • Remove nail polish properly using a cotton and nail polish remover.
  • Once the nail polish is removed, soak your hand in some lukewarm water for some period of time.
  • Now take out your hand and push back your cuticles using a fresh cloth. Do this process gently and take enough time for the same.
  • Take out your nail-filer and cutter. Shape your nails gently and without affecting the nails and fingertips.
  • Once your nails are done, soak them in lemon juice for some time.
  • You are done, apply lotion and give your hands and nail a rest of some time. Relax along with it.
  • After that apply a beautiful colour nail polish and let it dry.

Hope you will try the above tips to take Care Your Hands & Nails. Share it with your girlfriends as well.






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