How Trademark Registration Is Important For Any Company

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The Trademark Registration is not a very tough job in India but surely a lengthy one. A trademark is very important to a company you hold responsible for. This trademark will be responsible for giving you recognition of your company and its work.

Why Are Trademarks Important For The Company ?

The trademark is important o as to protect your customers or consumers. If your company flourishes your company will take pride in your having your trademark stamped product. They pose to be the right communication tool in conveying your message and its attributes. With the Registration of Your Trademark consumers will be able to find your company and its products more easily. They are the valuable asset of a company and when your company grows in the market your trademark will become more and more purposeful. The biggest advantage of having a trademark is once it is registered it will never expire.

Process For Going Through The Trademark Registration:
  • It is first needed that you select a trademark for your enterprise. This trademark should be similar and suitable for your company and should not be offensive in any manner.

  • After you have selected and finalized your trademark, you can search over the internet or research here and there, if the trademark is acceptable or not.

  • Once your search is complete, you can search and apply to submit your trademark online. After the submission, the trademark will undergo the codification for Vienna which will be then categorized further in one the 45 classes.

  • At the point when your trademark has been classified, you will then be able to use the symbol with Tm for your trademark of the company.

  • When the Vienna codification process has been completed this application will then be taken forward to the registration office of a trademark where the application that you have submitted will be checked for any type of error.

  • If your application does not possess any error, then the trademark will be set into the journal for a deciding period of 120 days.

  • If no third party objects within this period, then your registered trademark will be given the symbol of “R”.

For the registration of a trademark there are two types of fees asked:

One is the fee charged by the government. And the fee which is asked by the attorney of trademark registration.

A nominal fee will be charged from you when you Register Your Trademark in the trademark registration office. In India, if you are registering as an individual then it costs up to Rs. 9000/- but according to the schemes and the promotion of start-ups, if you have a start-up it costs INR 4,5000/-.

Things To Keep In mind For Your Trademark

Before going for the trademark registration, keep in mind that your trademark is not offensive or has any word or symbol that hurts anyone directly or indirectly. Your trademark should not describe your products or service. The trademark should be misleading to the consumers. It should be having a 3-dimensional shape that should be like your trademark. The trademark should not be very common or look similar to any already established symbol.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

With the registration of your trademark, you get it whole ownership and become its sole owner. After the registration, no one can copy your trademark. The trademark of your company has its value in the market. You can even get it licensed if you want to expand your business even further. With your trademark registered and gathering popularity in the market, consumers and customers will now identify your company because of the reputation your trademark holds.


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