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Here we are sharing the list of the Best Places To Travel In The World:

Blue Safari Submarine - Stuffshuf
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Blue Safari Submarine

The Blue Safari Submarine is indeed one of the significant exciting, and attractive attractions of Mauritius are the Blue Safari. Blue Safari Submarine – Mauritius is the only operator of real submarines in the Indian Ocean. The submarines dive up to a depth of 35m deep, once here you can experience the magic of the marine life on your dive with the Blue Safari Submarine. It is one of the unforgettable experience, traveling in total security and comfort, onboard very sophisticated, air-conditioned submarines. A Dive in the Blue Safari Submarine is an impressive way of enjoying the superb encounter with the underwater world of Mauritius.

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Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls are among the famous waterfalls of Mauritius and one of the favorite tourist spots. It is quite challenging to reach this magnificent waterfall, but the effort is worth it, here you can find a beautiful, thick, cool bath at the bottom of a series of seven mind-blowing waterfalls. They are only reachable via a challenging trail that begins near the Tamarin Falls reservoir, but you will have to search to find it. Would you like to fun in California? See – best places to visit in California.

Grand Bay Beach -  - Places To Travel In The World
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Grand Baie Beach

One of the famous beaches of Mauritius is the beach that you will find at Grand Baie. The beach is an average beach that is congested with boats. Instead, you’re better off heading for La Cuvette public beach beside the Veranda Hotel on the bay’s north side. It’s not huge, but the sand is good and the water clean.

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Blue Penny Museum

The Blue Penny Museum of Mauritius is one of the famous tourist attractions of this island. It’s Port Louis’ best museum, with a fantastic selection of antique maps, photographs, and engravings from a different era in history. The pride of the museum’s collection is two of the world’s rarest stamps: the red one-penny and blue two-penny ‘Post Office’ stamps issued in 1847.

National History Museum Mauritius - Places To Travel In The World
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National History Museum

The National History Museum is housed in a colonial mansion building, is one of the prominent tourist attractions of the island. The museum used to belong to the Robillard family and played a vital rule in the island’s history. The museum attracts those visitors who are interested in knowing the history of Mauritius. It was here in 1810 when the French injured commanders with English fleets were taken for treatment after Battle of Vieux Grand Port. It is said that the entire story of the victory is retold in the museum, plus items like cannons, grapeshot, and the all-important wine bottles – from British frigate Magicienne, which sank in the battle. The museum offers some of the spectacular relics that belong to the ancient era of Mauritius.

 Triumphal Arch in Moldova - Stuffshuf
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Triumphal Arch in Moldova

The Triumphal Arch of Moldova is one of the exciting places to visit in. Triumphal arch was constructed during the year 1841 and is situated in downtown Chisinau district of Moldova. This monument is considered to be one of the famous landmarks of the city and a popular tourist attraction of the place. In order to celebrate the victory of the war, this monument was constructed but is often used to celebrate a ruler.

Prut River - Places To Travel In The World
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Prut River

The river Prut is one of the famous tourist attractions of Moldova. It is also a significant waterway in southwestern Ukraine and ultimately flows into the Danube River. 910 km long it drains a basin area of 27,500 sq km. It originates from near Mount Hoverlia and flows through the Carpathian Mountains, the Pokutian-Bessarabian Upland, Subcarpathia, and the Moldavian Upland.

Dniester River - Stuffshuf
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Dniester River

Dniester River is the second largest river in Ukraine and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Once upon a time, this river used to flow only through the Ukrainian territory, but after Bessarabia was Romanized right at the fourteenth century, the Dniester River which originates from Mohyliv-Podilskyi to its mouth marked the Ukrainian-Romanian boundary.


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