Post Holi Care Tips For Your Damaged Hair

Post Holi Care Tips For Your Damaged Hair
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Holi is a beautiful festival, but it comes with post celebration problems too.  The major problem that people faces after holi is the damaged hair. So, we are here with some simple and easy Post Holi Care Tips For Your Damaged Hair.

  • Remove Dry Colour – First of all, you must remove dry holi colours from your hair. Here you can use your hands to dust out the colours from your hair and if the amount of colour is more then take help of towels or combs.
  • Wash Your Hair – Once the dry color has been removed, then you must wash your hair without wasting any time. If you have played with watercolours, then use this as your first step. Don’t let colors stay in your hair for long as it might damage your hair and scalp both.
  • Natural Conditioner – Try not to use conditioners including chemicals after washing your hair during holi. Instead, you can use lemon water. Take half a lemon and squeeze it into one mug of water. Once the hair is washed, use this lemon water as a conditioner. It is one of the best Post Holi Care Tips For Your Damaged Hair.
  • Use Oil – To bring back the shine and energy in your hair, you must use hair oil. Do not use only one type of hair oil; instead, you can mix different kinds of oils. Take a look below combinations –
    • Almond oil with Coconut oil
    • Almond oil with olive oil
    • Olive oil with coconut oil
  • Also here you apply use oil by mixing it with vinegar or Aloe Vera gel. It will reduce hair fall and will fill it with energy and shine.

  • Henna – Hena is considered as the best conditioner for hairs, and when it comes to post holi care tips, it is the finest choice.

Try these Post Holi Care Tips For Your Damaged Hair and see the difference.




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