Samsung Foldable Phone Is Here

Samsung Foldable Phone | Stuffshuf
Samsung Foldable Phone | Stuffshuf

Samsung Foldable Phone is going to be launched very soon in the coming days. The buzz about the smartphone has gone high with the sneak peek given by the company. The video published about the smartphone does not provide much information and all we can say it just a glimpse. But without any doubt, the phone is going to ensure proper completion in the mobile industry. Today, we wake up with a new smartphone equipped with a number of features. So, at this time Samsung coming up with a foldable phone is beyond expectations.

Let Us Know Some Details About The Samsung Foldable Phone

  • Launch Date – The company has not disclosed the launch of the smartphone, but the rumours are that it will reach the shelves of the mobile shop by mid-2019. It is taking time as the company is coming with the mass production of the device. It is expected to come up with 1 million units all at a time. Thus, get ready to book this amazing smartphone soon.
  • PriceSame goes with the price; there are no accurate numbers about the cost. But the price of the phone will reach touch the sky. The smartphone price is expected to be doubled to the current ones. The tech experts are assuming the price will be around 1800$.  The amount listed here is without any subsidies, so it is just an expected rate.
  • NameTill today, the name of the Samsung Foldable Phone is also not known. It might be Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex. Let us wait for its name as there is no accurate information about it. Till date, there is no confirmation about the name of this foldable phone being launched by Samsung.
  • CameraThere are going to be three cameras on the phone, but again the megapixels are not clear. If we go through the rumors, then it is about 8 MP and 12MP. Other details about the camera have not been released until now. So, this is just the assumptions. The cameras used in this phone are really facing ones, and there are high expectations from Samsung that it will not come up with awkward or unwanted cameras for sure
  • Display The foldable Samsung phone will come with Infinity Flex Display. The phone surely has two displays. When we see the video, the display looks smaller while the screen is about 7.3 inches. But at the same time when it is folded the phone will turn into 4.5 inches with 840*1960 screen. The other display of this phone is of 7.3 inches which will be around 1536*2152. The foldable smartphone by Samsung will fold vertically. It almost looks like a book. The look provided by Samsung is just a dummy and not the final version, or we can say it has just given a little bit of idea for the same. Thus calculating the right display is a bit difficult.
  • BatteryThe battery specification is of 2,200 mAh capacity, and it is also a rumour as the company has not revealed much more about it. It is expected that the phone will use two batteries with different capacities. We are expecting from Samsung that will turn out to be the major player and will bring a simple solution with regard to the batteries in it.

Along with these, there are assumptions that this phone might come in the form of tab or two in one device. The prototype has raised more hopes so let us wait for the final version to come up. Further, Google has also issued a statement that it will be joining the phone features with many eye-catchy and easy to use the application to enhance the experience.

These were the overall information that we could grab about the Samsung Foldable Phone. If you want to pick this phone, then you need to wait a bit more. Let us wait and watch how what it is precisely coming with. Along with this, some mobile companies are also coming with similar technologies.


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