Six Unique Electronic Gadgets For You

Unique Electronics Gadgets - Stuffshuf
Unique Electronics Gadgets - Stuffshuf

The technological world is getting advanced day by day which is now making life easy and exciting. Here we are going to share some Unique Electronic Gadgets that you must consider for your daily life.

Bearbot - 6 Unique Gadgets - Stuffshuf
Img Source – IoTDunia
  • Bearbot – Do you want to make your life easy and comfortable then this device will help you in using all the electronics available in your house.


i) You can connect it with TV, mobile, fan and so on with just one click.

ii) Gets activated with hand gesture itself.

iii) Connect with your Smartphone and start using it.

iv) Change, volume, color of the smart light

v) QI Induction Charger, 2 LR3 Batteries, 3D Gesture Control


Img Source – Kickstarter
  • Oppy Camera – Camera is now very important, and one cannot now step out of the houses without it. This camera is an excellent tool with many features and it is one of the Unique Electronic Gadgets to look for.


i) High HD camera,

ii) Wi-Fi,

iii) Tangle anywhere

iv) Digital features

v) Water proof


Ice ORB Speaker - Stuffshuf - Amazon
Img Source – Amazon
  • Ice ORB Speakers – Want to enjoy loud music then wireless speakers are of great choice. This speaker will not force you to carry it all the time.


i) Will flow in the air with you

ii) Beautifully designed

iii) 12Watt base

iv) 3D experience

v) Lithium battery that will work for 22 hours.


Monkey Holder - Stuffshuf
Img Source – Pinterest
  • Monkey Holder – Now, there is no need to check your Smartphone for notifications. This monkey holder will get connected with your Smartphone that will help you with the following.


i) Alerts about calls

ii) Alerts about emails, and messages

iii) Sticks to laptop

iv) Attaches phone with laptop


ekko Wifi Holder - Stuffshuf - Youtube
Img Source – Youtube
  • Ekko Wi-Fi Audio – Do you love music then using this, you can enjoy audio right in the headphone.


i) Connect this device with your TV, cloud storage, a laptop

ii) Connect with Wi-Fi

iii) High quality audio

iv) Multi user design

v) Best for gaming


Nokia Fit - Six Unique Gadgets - Stuffshuf
Img Source – Design Swan
  • Nokia Fit – It is something new that will make you lift your calls, notification which is specially designed for your finger. Just connect it with your phone, and it will start giving you a notification.


i) Receive calls

ii) Fill fit in index finger

iii) Notifications about calls, messages, emails etc

Hence, this was the list of Unique Electronic Gadgets that must be there with you.


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