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Train 18 is a new path breaking record of Railways in 2019. There is a lot of curiosity going on about it, so we thought why not let you know about some of its important facts. It is a commendable train, and there are plenty of things that we all should know about it. For every citizen, it is a matter of pride.

Unknown Facts About Train 18:

  1. India’s First Engineless Train – It has become the first engineless train that is manufactured here in India. The concept of coming up with an engine less train is itself an innovation. This technique will help in the fast acceleration of the train, and it will take lesser time to reach two destinations. The prototype is ready and tested.
  2. Completed On Time – It is one such train that has been completed in the given time that is 18 to 20 months. Seeing the capacity, the technology involved, and the time taken altogether makes Train 18 a perfect fit.
  3. Train 18 Has Automatic Doors & Footsteps – Yes; finally, we are going to witness automatic door and foot-steps that will mechanically work reaching the platform. It will surely decrease the accidents and while boarding and de-boarding easy.
  4. European Style Moving Seats – Till date, we did not have any train which has moving seats. But it has come up with classic European style seats that look perfect and has great finish too. Along with this, the seats are very comfortable also.
  5. Disable Friendly – This is one such feature that needs to be considered when it comes to this train. A special preference is given to the disabled people with the right size and quality of seats.
  6. Countries Interested – Many countries like Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, and Malaysia are showing interest to buy it.
  7. Will Replace Shatabdi – Yes, the very famous Shatabdi Express is going to be replaced by Train 18. As it will reduce the time taken by the Shatabdi Express.
  8. Train 18 has White Exteriors – Until now, we have seen many foreign trains that are white in color, but our Indian trains are mostly blue. So, for the first time, Train 18 will show us the contemporary look with complete white color exteriors.
  9. Half Of The Cost Of Import – It’s a perfect example of Make in India. It will surely astonish you that it’s made in the half of cost of the imports only. The cost of per coach is around 5 to 6Crore only.

There were some of the Unknown facts about Train 18. Make your bookings soon and explore the country with pride. This train will surely take our Railways to a new level.


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