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Fit to fashion is no longer exclusive to big girls, because in each season, different firms invade us with their creations including the most tender and sophisticated designs for our children.

That is not easy Choose the perfect shoes for every occasion, so if you’re mom and these looking for something perfect for this season of change from winter to spring (in this part of the continent), surely you’ll love these tender proposals.

One of my favorite designers and puts more color to their designs. I love hearts that are its hallmark all his creations. It children’s tastes knows and is the perfect choice to dress the smaller, but also the big boy.

If you shoot this way for 10 years, the ideal alternative are these silver ballerinas Perfect for wear with leggings, Jeans, shorts and dresses. The design of printed words and sweet bow front give it that lolita look who is always in fashion.

But if this below 7 years, my personal proposal are these spring sandals. Their varied colors and designs are ideal for printing with any color dress or casual look sporty. What do you think?


The sophistication This firm is one of its main features. If your little girl likes to wear the stylish Passarella gold ballerinas belt are your choice. A very elegant model that bears the stamp of the firm in an almost abstract design, but that gives you style plus. They are ideal to take with party dresses and sets of pants and blouse or jacket formal.


If you like tartans and checkered fabrics, Surely you’ll love the designs Burberry. The British firm is one of the most enthusiastic in creating models for girls, the proof is in these cute, simple and practical Swedish decorative strap on the instep.

This option perfect to take both dresses, pants and shorts in all seasons, especially spring and combines well with jackets or coats and if you are looking to wear party wear dresses for girl then it is the best option.


If you prefer that your little still not rise to the Swedes, you can choose these tender and elegant ballerinas Gucci. Based design in brown fabric on sand background, gives a touch of comfort and innocence characteristic of girls.

This model is perfect for carrying any style spring or winter, because the color matches perfectly. You can combined with leggings, Dresses, blouses, pants and long coats.

Tommy Hilfiger

If your princess does not want to wait until spring, these sandals Tommy is perfect to carry a special meeting or for a field trip a bright day. Model combines the colors of the signature: red, blue and white, So and so smooth, the result is a colorful proposal to the sun.

The platform base the model is perfect for combining with the big girl dresses, shorts, skirts and shorts in an authentic creation of personal style. Are not beautiful and elegant?

As you see, are various models of different designers who not only look good but give it that charm your little style, the look that gives them comfort and security when walking.

Personally, I find the most versatile ballerinas and that can be worn with almost everything that comes to mind. These are my suggestions for girls What did you like most?



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