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  1. Tongue Scraper Cleaner (2 Pack)- Medical Grade Stainless Steel Metal:

    This Tongue Cleaner Product is completely stainless steel so it is rust free and collects mold. As the studies say that 70% of stainless steel is made of recycled material that is why they are 100% toxic free and recyclable. Wowe Tongue scraper is one of the best brands and its vision is to save the planet for our children in future. This Tongue scraper is completely recyclable. It works healthier than a toothbrush, the beautifully curved plan is flawless shape helps to reach the entire tongue, but Toothbrushes are not given that shape.

    Tongue Scraper is like a medicine which takes care of complete oral health and hygiene, as the defined tongue is the face of one’s health. If it has been taken care completely it will keep our health in a proper condition. The good part is the packing is also done in the material which can be recycled. It is completely plastic free. Tongue Scraper Cleaner is fully economic and healthy way to fit and strong. Adjustable to any size of mouth, it can bend accordingly to perfectly fit in the mouth, small and big. One of the best tongue scraper ones could go for.


  • Tough and wont rust.
  • Easy to use and mouth feel promptly fresh.
  • Good look with ecofriendly material
  • Great and good quality
  • Too wide to fit in the mouth
  • Outstanding tool for scraper
  • Easy to carry and handle.


  • Needs to Manufacture correctly
  • Gigantic, can be made in smaller size.
  • Bit tough


  1. Health & Yoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner:

    This Tongue Cleaner Product extremely supple which ensures that flat insertion and dragging out from the mouth. It also has solid steel engraved Holds and provides bacteria hindering Joint less grip no more of stale or wearing off artificial grips. Safe Blunt edges help to keep your tongue safe from cuts and nicks. It is designed with non- suppressing cleaning span which makes sure that maximum tongue is covered in one drag.

    It is also FDA registered, which defines that it is prepared of superior surgical grade stainless steel which is non-toxic and sterilizable and comfort grip. The best part does not have Moldy rubber handle; it has pure stainless steel giving you a bacteria-free surface. It is suitable for plaque removal, bad breath, and to restore taste sensation. The design it has is a scientific fluid design providing you an abrupt edge and corner. Its wellbeing auto callable brings flexibility and robustness.


  • It does not rust.
  • It is germ free after sterilizing
  • Non- toxic and preferred over plastics
  • Thick and easy to scrape.
  • Cleans tongue 100% better than plastic.
  • Works great
  • Provides from nick and cuts.


  • Bit rounded
  • Design is not attractive
  • Defect in Manufacture, need to manufacture as suitable for all.


  1. Dr.Tung’s Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel:

    This Tongue Cleaner Product is the best medicine for bad breath; the design is curved and has clean edges. Due to this, it gives a quick and effective way of cleaning. The material is stainless steel so it much more comfortable and gentle on the tongue when compared with plastic. It has a pre-curved shape gives an exact control on the cleaner. This product is being recommended by doctors and dentist to use, it is complete hygiene and safe for children’s as well.

    It is excellent scraper with the correct size and sharpness required to pull the layer out of the upper surface of the tongue. It is easily available at affordable price with the best quality what people always tend to go for. Many of them have tried the same and responded positively about this scraper that it helps to clean the entire tongue. When you wake up in the morning the tongue becomes white in color with the bacterial layer, but this scraper turns in to pink and giving you a clean and good breath, improving your health, confidence and looks.


  • Known for safe, hygiene, and wonderful design
  • One can find it very easy to work with
  • Not required to remove the gag reflexes.
  • Great and little piece of metal.
  • Good looks with a handy effect to carry.


  • Edges need to work on.
  • Cannot exchange
  • Bit delicate cannot pressure on it.


  1. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner:

    Orabrush is made of ultra-soft micro pointed bristle which can go up to crevices in your tongue like any other brand can do. This Tongue cleaner product has an inbuilt scraper which will get all the bacteria out of your mouth. This requires moistening of tongue and needs to be gently brushed with orabrush. The beautiful part is the scraper can be taken to the backside of the tongue, Just need to tilt a bit in a slight angle, which will again remainder which is produced form brushing, advised to do it firmly.

    It is also easy to clean and care just need to put the orabrush under a stream of running water and then place it in place for air dry. One should understand that 90% bad breadth arises from the layer which is on the tongue. Orabrush is a complete package for an oral hygiene and keeping it a safe every day morning. The bristle is too soft and it is recommended for all ages and advised to make use of it for a better result and avoiding any issues which may occur in future regarding mouth.


  • It has worked pretty well for the users
  • Soft and moist bristle
  • Easy to use
  • Complete package for mouth cleaner
  • Upside and down of tongue can be easily cleaned
  • Easy to clean and care
  • Easy to use with attractive look.


  • Due to little bristles it may manage to hurt
  • Need to be bit careful while using
  1. Mint Rose Tongue Cleaner:

    Investigators has proved that tongue has more plaque than any other parts of the oral cavity. While sleeping and after digestion the toxic which comes out it stays on tongue and morning it comes out with a bad breath, in order to stop the same. Mint rose tongue cleaner can be an effective product. It is the best Tongue Cleaner Product. Before using please take care of some things, like you have to use it before brushing because before brushing the effective results will not be given.

    It has to be replaced in every 3 months as it is a matter of hygiene. It has to completely rinse and clean after using, make sure that it has to be air dried. This product comes with lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction. One can spotless the sided of the tongue using the flat sides of cleaner. For perfect results, you can use this for 2 times a day. Please make sure you keep it out of children because it can also give a cut or nick to the child.


  • Safe to use with nice design
  • Easy to clean complete mouth
  • Can be used in the below of tongue
  • Perfect for all ages, but not for children
  • Children can be hurt so please avoid.


  • Quality is not perfect, need to work on it
  • Tongue scrapers need to more fines at the edges.


  1. Tung Brush & Gel Tongue Cleaner:

    The Tongue Cleaner product and gel is designed by Dr.Weider, it was recognized as the effective tongue cleaner ever. Nova southeastern university has a study and it was proved that 95% of customer and recommending and using TUNG brush and gel for a wonderful result. This product has created a focus on neutralizing the nasty bacteria gas that is the root cause of bad breath and with the mint flavor added, it gives you cooling refreshment with a mint smell.

    In today’s market they hold a respect and reputation worldwide and now it is easily available in India. This product is professionally designed under surveillance of reputed doctors, scientist and dentist used and proved. The good word is you can use this whenever you feel like to get a fresh breadth and Oral health with safe and hygiene. Once tried for Tung brush and gel we can promise you that you will not shift to any other products. The formulated is extracted in America. Use Tung gel on Tung brush and have an awful experience.


  • It is available in set form not required search for one another.
  • Easy and at an affordable price
  • Mint flavor gel
  • Soft and well crafted
  • Easily reachable at backside of tongue without gagging


  • Brush is too sharp for tongue.
  • Fear of having cut and nick


  1. The Dirt-Copper Tongue Scraper:

    Different forms of copper are been used nowadays for medical purpose where ever we see, take a part of history as well. Egyptians always work with copper for their water pipes, used for builders, algae ships and recently found that copper is also proved to fight deadly virus MRSA. While we are fighting here with a bad plaque which it sits as a layer in your tongue and can be a danger if not removed.

    A copper tongue scraper will help to drastically remove the bacteria without any freeloaders. It is antimicrobial and reduces bacteria, it tends to keep away the unhygienic materials such as plastic or other metal, only antimicrobial will let you keep the bacteria away from your mouth keeping your mouth completely hygiene and safe. This is also easy to carry, use and store. There is no excuse which can be given that someone can go out of house without using tongue scrapers the very effective and best things to use is copper which is being carry forwarded form history.


  • Copper metal better to use
  • Safe for health hygiene wise
  • Best ever designed
  • Protect from nick and cut
  • Overall cleanliness for oral health
  • Great look


  • The smell of copper is not that good , overwhelming
  • Not that good to use.
  1. Tongue Scraper Professional Stainless Steel:

    Good news; the best smile is now in an affordable price, one can use this tongue scraper with our NAZ dental toolkit which is a complete package of a beautiful smile one can ever think of. Now a day’s bad breath eliminator is available in the market in the form of liquid and spray. However this is now available at your doorstep and is a very good treatment for halitosis. Tongue Cleaner Product is manufactured in a design which can be used for lifetime.

    It is crafted meticulously with stainless steel which gives a promise for a solid oral health care with hygiene. None of the plastic scrapers can come near to metal scrappers and to their durability. Now you can easily say goodbye to plastic scrapers and welcome metal scrappers into your world for an ever healthy oral treatment, which will be carry forwarded for years and years. It is an ideal tool for everyone and for all ages. This is a must to be having the item in every house and recommended to do it every day.


  • Life time user
  • Metal scrapper
  • Good to use and easy to handle
  • Positive result from users
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Must to have in house and used
  • Great look and sense of work


  • Need to work on edges where it can easily go with children

Usually, cleaning of mouth starts with the brushing of teeth but the actual improvement of mouth freshness and hygiene is maintained by tongue cleaner or scraper. As simply brushing will not help you to get rid of countless bacteria that are present in your mouth. Using of tongue scraper is being followed from traditional days and with fleeting time many new types such as plastic, steel, and silicon tongue scrapers have been introduced. Cleaning your tongue might be little messy in the beginning but these Tongue Cleaner Product will definitely boost oral hygiene and prevent bad breath for a longer interval.





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