Unknown Facts About Sleeping City Kalachi

Sleeping City Of Kalachi - Kalachi
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Have you ever heard of the sleeping city? No, right; but there is one village in northern Kazakhstan where people can be found sleeping anywhere. Now, this is not hilarious but is a question of concern. Just imagine, if you get to sleep anywhere; what will happen? First of all, it will be a question on health, and at the same time, it will be give rise to security concerns as well. The privacy will surely be at high risk. So, let us now discuss as what is exactly happening here in Sleeping City Kalachi and is it genuine or fake?

What is Sleeping City Kalachi ?

It is said that the people over here in Kalachi are suffering from an unknown disease and this is the reason they are unable to have any control over their sleep. This illness is not prevalent with any particular age, but here kids, adults and even older persons are found sleeping.

The problems of Sleeping City Kalachi is increasing day by day as here now people are now encountering with sleep more than once. Yes, many people found themselves asleep in the neighbourhood not one, two but several times.

What Happens When People Fell Asleep In This Illness ?

As per the village people, the person who felt asleep tries to awake but does not have much energy to respond. They feel so low that there are unable to open even their eyes as well.

What Is The Reason Behind Sleeping City Kalachi Being Suffered Like This ?

Till date, no proper research reports came out with regard to this unspecified illness, but there are rumours that people are suffering with it because of the uranium mine located in the outskirts of the village. Now, this can be untrue as it has been twenty years mine got closed.

As there is no theory and no proper elucidation about this unknown disease, so people are now planning to relocate. It is actually the only option left behind. On the other hand, some of the villagers are reluctant towards changing their village and are not ready to start a new life. Seeing all these scenarios, the future of the Sleeping City Kalachi seems blemished.





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