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Blackheads are the most irritating problems that people of all ages face. It is not that the problem is only with women, but the same issues goes on with men as well. So, if you are being troubled with blackheads plus are not getting a proper solution for the same then this article is going to help you in getting them removed.

Here we are listing down easy and simple methods to Get Rid of Blackheads which will surely help you in the long run and along with this, will also make your face shiny and effectual.

So, what are we waiting for, let us get started.

  • Lemon & Sugar– This is the first method which will not only remove the blackheads from your face but will also act as a scrub too. Now the best part about this method is that you will easily get lemon and sugar in your kitchen all round the year without much ado. Take half a lemon into a bowl, now take a teaspoonful of sugar and mix both. With the help of cotton ball, spread the solution on your face especially on the areas around nose, chin etc. Keep it for a while and start scrubbing; here do the scrubbing in a circular motion. Once dried, wash off your face with normal water let it dry.

  • Coconut & Essential Oil – Coconut oil is good for face, skin and hair; so why not make use of it here as well. Take some oil in a bowl and heat it up. Make sure not to put the bowl directly on the flame. Now add a drop of lemon and two drops of essential oil into it. You can choose lavender or tea tree oil as your screen type. Again with the help of cotton ball, spread it on your face and scrub gently for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash your face with regular water. This solution will give good results, and you will easily Get Rid of Blackheads for at least fifteen days

  • Clay & Activated Charcoal – These two ingredients got famous in the current days. Here you to need to look for activated charcoal, and clay without any mineral presence. Take both the ingredients in equal amount and mix it with few drops of water into it. Apply the mask on the face and let it dry. After some time clean the mask by gently rubbing into circular motion. Later wash your face with regular water. Use this mask once in two weeks only.

  • Coffee & Coconut – Take the coffee powder and coconut oil in an equal amount in a bowl. Now spread this mask on your face without wasting any time, or it will not show good results. Keep the mask for five minutes only and then start scrubbing with lights hands. Wash your face with water and let it dry.

Try any of these methods to Get Rid of Blackheads. Always remember not to use any of the above-mentioned solutions or mask regularly.


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