What Is FaceTime Privacy Bug of Apple ?

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Img Source - Venture Beat

Group Face Time features were launched last year which enables around 32 people to be tall together over a video call on Mac, iPhone and iPad.  This feature is amazing when it comes to group calling. But at this point, you won’t be able to use it if you are an Apple user. Don’t get surprised if the features are removed or not working. It has happened due to an unprecedented FaceTime Privacy Bug.

What is FaceTime Privacy Bug ?

When an apple user calls another user via face time, then the later person’s microphone gets activated even while the call is still going on. It is not enough as the time, the other person accepts the call, the caller will be able to listen what is going on the other side, and along with they will also get the access to a video camera while the call is still not connected.

What Can Be The Drawback ?

Though Apple has issued the statement that the engineers have already fixed the bug and there is nothing to worry about. But still, it is a matter of concern as it is nothing but a sheer invasion of privacy.

Who Is Under Fault ?

As we all know that the launch Group Face Time features was made by Apple after complete planning and research so, it had enough time to work on every aspect. But now, the emergence of this FaceTime privacy bug is a serious setback and is not something that can be auto-corrected. Thus, we hope Apple comes with more stringent privacy and security features.

Apple is a tech giant, and if such kinds of bugs are coming from its devices, then the privacy of the users are on the verge of getting hampered. This FaceTime Privacy Bug might have caused embarrassment for Apple but the loss its users might have faced could be limitless. As per Apple’s latest reports, the FaceTime feature will get activated in the coming week.



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